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Not much good news in most parts of Michigan in the way of guns and ammo availability. Travelling north today, I stopped at Jay's, which to non-michiganders is a smaller version of Cabela's, and was amazed at the empty shelves and lack of product.

Hand gun display cases normally holding hundreds of every type you can imagine, are down to about 10% full. Usually they are packed in so tight, it's hard to tell what your'e looking at.
Their "assault" rifle rack, about 40 or 50 ft. long, is down to zero.

Ammo selection is limited mainly to shotgun shells and a few different rifle offerings, such as 30-30 and some non-surplus 762x54 for $24.00 a box.

Hunting rifles and shotguns seemed to be in abundance, but definitely nothing very "evil" looking at all.

WalMart is pretty much the same. It's been a long time since I've seen any "tactical" caliber ammo of any kind, including of all things, 22lr.
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