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Rounds not feeding from Hi-Power magazine?

I just took my new Hi-Power to the range for the first time today. The gun came with two 13-round magazines.

I don't have weak thumbs, but I couldn't get more than 7-8 rounds into either magazine by hand. So, for the range session, I just stuck with half-loading the magazines. No feeding problems at the range all day.

When I got home, I used my LULA magazine loader to load the magazines all the way up. Then I started to "thumb" the rounds out of the magazine one at a time. The first four or five rounds come out weakly, as if the follower wasn't pressing up very firmly on them.

Then, the rounds would stop coming up at all, as if the follower is binding in the magazine body. After knocking the magazine a little bit, the rest of the rounds pop up and I can thumb them out. These last rounds come out like I would expect them to, with the follower pushing firmly on them.

Both magazines behave exactly the same way. I took them both apart, cleaned and lubed them, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Do I just need to keep loading/unloading them until the follower wears in a little bit?
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