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davery25, virtually all bottleneck cases can be full length sized and end up with their shoulder in the same place relative to the case head as when it was fired. You'll need some sort of gauge to measure the distance between the case head and some point on the shoulder; an RCBS Precision Mic for example.

Normally, when a bottleneck case is full length sized, its shoulder moves forward a bit as the case body diameter starts getting smaller then the shoulder's set back some amount. With the die bottom touching the shell holder when a fired case is all the way up into the die, its shoulder's set back a few thousandths and will remain there until it's fired.

Measure a fired case from its head to that point. Then full length size a case. Measure that sized case the same way. If the measurements longer, the die needs to be turned into the press a little bit. 1/16 turn moves the die about 4 thousandths of an inch.

Repeat this full length size, measure the case and adjust the die until sized cases have the same head to shoulder dimension as sized ones.

This way, your sized cases will fit the chamber the same as fired ones.

Hummer70's suggestion is a good one and may be just right. If the sized cases won't chamber easily, use a .004" feeler gauge to set the die. If the sized case still goes in real easy, set the die with a .006" feeler gauge.
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