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A right you are afraid to exercise isn't much of a right ...
I totally agree! Obviously I don't walk around in T-shirts during the winter. In the summer I open carry more times than not. I've had some very good discussions with people curious about open carry and firearms in general.
I have never had a negative reaction or comment from anyone. {includung police}
No one has ever run out of a store screaming, ''he's got a gun, run for your lives''!
Further, OCing isn't always even that noticeable. Most folks never even notice my weapon, since i keep it in a pancake holster close to my body. Some people do, but many don't. I don't walk around with a sandwich board advertising a CZ-75 on my hip, any more than you do.
This has been my experience most of the time. Most people are to wrapped up in their Iphones and daily lives to even notice I carring a gun anyway.

I have the right to OC in Pa, case closed.
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