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Originally Posted by hogdogs
Another mention of FALL GEAR!!! Don't even try out your new climber in your yard with out HIGH QUALITY FALL GEAR YOU ARE WILLING TO BET YOUR LIFE ON!!! Because everytime you climb you are doing exactly that...
Yes, and speaking of fall gear... the one thing I DON'T like about Lone Wolf is their restrain system. The part that you attach to the tree is great, really nice, I use it exclusively, but the body harness is just about the worst thing I've ever seen. When I first got it, I kept using the harness from my old Guerrilla stand and I din't even like that one. I finally bought a Hunter's Safety System vest and it is MUCH better. Still not perfect, but light-years ahead of whatever that thing is that Lone Wolf provides.

As for price, yeah, it's a good chunk of change but I paid around $150 for a Guerrilla stand and it was starting to rust out by the 3rd season. The Lone Wolf is going on it's 4th season and essentially looks brand new, being Aluminium, it won't rust, ever. New straps every... 5 years or something... and you're good. $350 and worth every last penny.
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