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I have had six ten gauges. Nothing will reach out there with authority, especially with steel, like a ten. You pay for that with weight and recoil. The Ithaca Mag 10 was prone to failure. Parts breaker. And heavy enough to need a gun bearer or wheels. The older SxSs work, but are also heavy. The Browning BPSs are extremely reliable and lighter than the aforementioned guns. I had three that never missed a beat. They are not lightweights but better. The Remington remake of the Ithaca Mag 10 seems to be a lot more reliable, but it is still heavy as hell.
If you want a semi, a Browning Gold 10 is the best answer by a mile in my opinion. If you like a pump, a BPS will get you there for a lot less money.
When tungsten came along I went back to a 3" 12 gauge.
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