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Problem solved- 5000 bad Wolf primers

Greetings all, 2/16/13

I tried a heavy load as per some suggestions with 25 grains of 4064 and 2 of 3 primers had blow-by.

I loaded some 9mm cases with 4.1 grains of W-231 under a 135 grain cast lead bullet (boolit) and used the Wolf small rifle primers. I had 6 of 83 (about 7%) blow-by even at the low 9mm load pressures.

I scrounged some Winchester Small rifle primers from a friend and loaded six .223 rounds with 25 grains 4064- no blow-by. I loaded 10 cases with 24 grains of 4064 and still no primer blow-by.

Summary- Wolf small primer blow-by with low pressure 9mm ammo and in 223 in low to high pressure loads. No blow-by with same .223 loads in same brass (RP) and powder at medium to high powder loads with Winchester Small Rifle primers. So it seems my lot of SRP's from Wolf, lot# 5-09, is defective. Now what to do with 5000 defective Wolf primers? Thanks to all.

best wishes- oldandslow
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