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Deal I couldn't pass up

Bought this little 1863 pocket remington today for $125!
Guy had bought it years ago and broke the loading lever with the wrong size balls and decided it was too much trouble to fool with and wanted some cash today more than he wanted to keep the gun...I couldn't pass it up so now I have a pocket pistol to add to my collection


The guy said he had shot probably 15 to 20 shots from it before he broke the loading lever. Looking at the gun, you couldn't tell it had ever been fired...perfectly clean inside and out, cylinder indexes properly and the chambers line up right up with the barrel. The action is still a little stiff where it has not been worked much and the bluing factory perfect...except for my grubby fingerprints!

The loading lever is broke where the screw passes through, hard to see in this picture...but I'm gonna have to replace the loading lever with a new one

Checked at vtigunparts and they are $50 each and out of stock for 6-10 weeks. But I want to shoot this little guy so I need to call on the experts with a couple of questions. First what size balls do I need for this gun so that I don't break the next loading lever? and second what powder charge should I start with?
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