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I have been LEO for 22 years now. Trained with, graduated the academy and carried the 686 my first year. Still have that pistol and shoot it today. Love it and will give it to my sons one day. Great pistol. Moved on to Colt 1911 in 10 mm (Delta Elite) another great pistol that I love to shoot. Out of all my pistols my son loves to shoot that one the best.

When I started working undercover the 1911 was to big and bulky so I moved on to a Glock 23. I tried several different pistols but I didn't like the trigger pulls on any of them. I always said I would never own a Glock. Never came a little sooner than I thought. I really like the consistent trigger pull and it is one of the most reliable pistols I own. Easy to conseal. I have been carrying that pistol for nearly 15 years no in all types of weather and no problems.

Like you have been looking for a S&W 41 Mag but haven't found the right one yet but still looking. Have never owned Ruger revolver so no opinion there.

686, 23 or 57 any and all great choices don't think you can go wrong. If mainly for duty I would go with the Glock.
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