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I have several Rugers singles and I have never shot factory out of them so I have no comment on that. As far as reloads only my old Blackhawk with 45LC and 45ACP cylinder was poor.
It likes larger bullets and with .454 diameter it became very accurate.
The 45 acp is,,, well lets not talk about that.
I recently got a new Blackhawk in 44 special for Christmas and with a 5 ½ inch barrel it will shoot very well.
My experience with Rugers, there better than some guns but nothing to complain about. it’s the other aspects of Rugers that make them such good guns.
I just wish they would leave the Gettysburg address off the barrels.
For the 45LC Penn 255 GR semi wad with 231 has become my go to load.
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