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686 is an L frame ...( between K and N frames...) ...

60 is a J frame ( smaller than a K )....and the model 60 is a .38 spl not a .357 mag....
I think you've left out the K frames ( model 19's either blued or nickel / or the model 66's in stainless.....and they're both .357 mag....)

2 1/2" snubbies are available in the K frames ...although I like a 4" a lot better...( longer sight plane, a little heavier ) ...and in .357 mag the 2 1/2" can get a little hard to control in rapid fire...and the short sight plane makes it tougher to shoot beyond 21 Feet or so....

I use the same Kramer leather IWB holster - or their scabbard holster.. for a 4" K frame and a 2 1/2" K fit, and weight isn't an issue.../ while I have a model 66 2 1/2" it rarely gets carried or shot vs the 4" models I have in both model 19's and 66's ...
If for some reason you really want to go the L frame model 686...its not a bad gun in 2 1/2" ...but they're a little hard to find in my area ...and so are the 4" models...where I see a lot of 686's in 6" all over..../ and a 6" is way too long to carry on a belt holster - for defense / its ok for a "woods gun" but dragging that 6" up out of a holster means you really have to raise your elbow a lot..!! ....where I find the 4" easy to draw and easy to return to the holster.
I think the answer to your question is to look for a K frame in .357 mag ...and then shoot .38's in it if you want ...and carry it with .357 mag...

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