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Of the 4 guns you've listed.....I'd buy the S&W 686 .....

Its a better revolver than the Ruger in my opinion..../ and I've never been too excited about the .41 Mag..../ I think the .357 mag is more fun to shoot.
Why you'd want a Glock in .40S&W ...?? is beyond me..../ if you want a .40S&W why not buy one in a platform that is a little more classic a Sig 226 ....
But for a duty weapon down the road...depends on what fits your hands the best, what grip angle you like, etc...but I'd take almost any Sig 226, 229, etc over a Glock personally....

I don't know about a revolver as a duty weapon in this day and the 50's or 60's maybe...but not these days for a LE officer - where capacity might make a difference..../ the 686 is fine as a defensive weapon for a civilian like me ...but I'm not trying to be a cop ...where you might find yourself in some predicaments where capacity might be a big deal....
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