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Thank you for your very reasonable and pleasant reply. I appreciate that. I have to say that I was afraid that the response might be otherwise, but you proved me quite wrong on that. I also must say that I agree with everything you said (in your last post). I think you are right in that it probably IS easier to get the best accuracy from a given rifle, via free floating the barrel. Easier when it works that is - but it doesn't in all circumstances. That is all I was trying to get across.

To any interested readers (of this thread),

I want to apologize for any strident tone or remarks made by me, in this thread. I am afraid that I tend to get "a bit on edge" in these discussions, much to my disgrace. I do worry about potential misleading information proffered to novices, because I feel they deserve better. Nevertheless, I do accept that I shouldn't act that way - and I will do better in future. Sorry, guys.
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