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This discussion seems similar to the ones about how dangerous the inertia bullet pullers are.

To date I have yet to hear of anyone getting harmed tumbling loaded ammo or shooting tumbled loaded ammo.

Now about the whiskers, get one of those super duper 4 blade razors.

This same topic has been discussed and cussed over on thr, with some members tumbling loaded ammo for weeks IIRC with nothing being visiable different thru a microscope, whiskers or not.

There's 2-two Ft Bragg (s)? My kid was at Ft Bragg in north Carolina.???¿¿ Um, anyway, now we have sea water and sand inside our ammo? Highrolls, you're grasping at straws! (An old adage that refers to someone drowning, trying to stay afloat by hanging onto a floating straw). The fact that seawater and sand in surf is polishing glass on that beach is real neat. I'll put that on my bucket list!
Yes snuffy there is a Ft. Bragg in Calif., it is a town/city not a military fort. And yes glass does get polished by surf whether it at the ocean or one of the great lakes or a river for that matter, never saw it at a small lake tho.
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