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Originally Posted by 9MM
Well I just got the Glock 27, so will be getting a Glock 23 by middle of summer when I get more money...
Good choice. I've had a G27 for 3 or 4 years now. I just got around to buying a G23 last month. Now I realize I bought them in the wrong order. I bought conversion barrels in 9mm & 357sig for the 27. They won't fit the 23 because I bought standard G27 length barrels. If I had bought the 23 first and purchased conversion barrels for it, they would have worked in the 27. Now I have two sets of conversion barrels, one set per gun, instead of one set that works in both guns...I ended up spending an extra $250 or so.

...If you buy conversion barrels, do yourself a favor and buy them to fit a G23. They will stick out of the G27 about 1/2" and fit the G23 perfectly. Take the money you saved and buy ammo or gold.
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