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Alfred Industries also sent a letter indicating that they will move all or part of their operations out of Colorado when this bill passes. I frankly do not think the politicians care. They believe they have a mandate, and will move forward regardless of who they hurt, or what rights they trample. Until they are voted out, this will continue.

With the influx of people into Colorado of recent years, many from very liberal urban areas, that may not happen.

I am pretty moderate myself, but I am disgusted with the way our State Legislature is behaving on this subject. Facts are not important. Jobs are not important. Emotion is the ruler of the day. Our state has been besieged with unthinkable tragedies. It is time to take action, but action based upon facts that will lead to fewer CRIMINALS or the insane getting guns, legally, or illegally. Limiting magazine size to 15 will have absolutely NO impact on gun related deaths in Colorado or anywhere else. Conversely, it will have the impact of losing hundreds of jobs as clearly stated by the CEO's of those companies.
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