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When you speak of groups from your pistol ...

are you talking about carefully aimed, slow fire groups and at what range?

Not asking to be smart but to clarify for my knowledge. I used to worry about slow fire, very carefully aimed shots at a particular yardage until I took my ccw class a couple years ago.

The instructor also taught self-defense shooting and in order to qualify we shot (approx) 18" x 24" target at 7 yds, in double taps. A good hit was anywhere on the paper and hopefully 5-6 inches apart. On that day I was very lucky to put 2 from my double taps in the same hole with my Kimber. While impressed with the weapon, the instructor gently reamed me for not having the space between my rounds as 2 through the same hole wouldn't do as much damage to the bad guy.

On the advice of the instructor, I have stopped shooting for bullseyes and stopped worrying about groups
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