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The short list I started the year with has one marked off a couple weeks ago. A Ruger LCP.
the remaining ont the list are, probable availability in todays crazy firearms world:
1. Ruger Charger. Don't really know why. Just looks like a lot of fun. Know of one @ LGS
2. Charter Arms Bulldog. Have wanted one from the get go.
3. Sig P6. Would like to have a Sig, don't want to spend $800 for a range toy. LGS has some. Besides, I gave up on a CZ SP01 because who knows when they will return.
4. Taurus 992 4" Stainless. I know, I know, but I still want one!
5. Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper. List would have ended with four after the LCR was bought. But I saw this little gem on another TFL thread. Cutist little handgun I ever saw.
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