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Tell us more about your movie plans....
I own one 'complete' feature length 'western' screenplay, but it's pretty bad. It's based on a really good story (It's in the public domain, so I can't talk about it) It could be a great movie if I could find a screenwriter that's good at writing 'character driven' stories -that would want to work on it.

This spring/summer I plan on shooting some test footage of actors in wardrobe wearing guns/holsters just as a test or possibly/probably working on a film short.

I'd like to aquire a few replicas and have been looking for 'used/abused', but it seems like they hold their value to a point that 'new' makes the most sense. I'll probably end up buying some 'new' and hopefully can find some beat up/inoperable ones on the cheap. is offline  
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