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Just got this today from S. Carolina Guns for those looking for Hex Mosins:


Hex receiver Mosin Nagant m91/30 rifles have just arrived. We have a small shipment of these rifles in stock - priced from $209!

$20 flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA.
ALL hex rifles come with a bayonet, ammo pouch, and tool kit.
ALL of our milsurp rifles are clean (ready to shoot).
ALL of our milsurp rifles have been checked with head space gauges.
YES - will will ship to California.
YES - we will ship to your C&R license.
We have a few Tula Hex m91/30's and we also have a handful of ex Dragoon rifles. Call or e-mail for pricing!

864 334 5151
Steve Bonning, PA-C
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