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One can both be polite, answer smaller questions, and still protect one's constitutional rights. Its not that hard. Be polite, courteous etc. If it gets more serious, remain polite and courteous, but politely assert your rights. It won't stop an arrest, but it will preserve your rights under a bad search/arrest.
Yes I can't stress this enough. I am not LE, but I have lots of family who are. Answering simple questions can avoid misunderstandings about who I am... most importantly, I am not whoever it is they are looking for. If they happen to be looking for someone who matches my description, and I am rude, evasive, or refuse to speak with them, I might find myself taken to the police station. In the end, I am sure it will all get sorted out, but now I am paying my attorney $1000, I have ruined my entire day, and I have endured uneeded stress... for what?

Proponents of OC will say things like "A right unused is a right that will get taken away." But the truth is, this is a fallacy.
Yes, totally agree. Guess what, we all have the right to make gay p 0 r n... who wants to exercise that right? Volunteers please... better hurry, before they take it away !

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