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That all depends on the range. @ 25 to 30 feet, a can is far too large a target. @ that range, I prefer something more realistic - a spent 9mm Luger case is more like it or a spent .22lr case.
A can would be more appropriate for 200 yards. Maybe 300.

lol wow... I don't know what to say. Just want you to know that I saw this and I said "wow".

I wanted 50 shots into a .45 hole so bad I could almost taste it.
That's cool man. Do that.

I posted a little further back in this thread a pic I did with my SIG P226 with 150 rounds of my "grouping" (which I'm learning it's a horrible cluster of misses apparently). I guess I'm crap now.

Gotta get that 150 rounds into a quarter shape.
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