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Boar Hunting Locations

Hi All,

Looking for somewhere to plan a hunt. Probably about 6-10 people. I've only found a few places that aren't fenced off, I'm not really keen on the "Easter egg" hunts. We have some laces here that do that with whitetail and it just doesn't look fun.

My family has always been into hunting, I typically only hunt Deer, waterfowl, Grouse, and Coyotes when asked . A few of my friends have been shooting with me for a few years now and one of them wanted to go hunting. So we did the mentored hunt and he did very well, but has yet to harvest a deer for himself. The deer count is pretty low, and a few years ago we had a tornado come through the land removing most of their cover, it's slim pickins now. I was lucky to get one of the 3 our group of 17 guys pulled in last year. By far our worst year out of the last two decades. In addition to all that, I've never been hunting outside of Wisconsin.

So, I'm looking for someplace we can plan a trip to, lodging, etc. I really want something that can still be a fun challenge for the old timers, but also get our novice hunters a chance to harvest something.

As I've never been hunting outside my state, I'm not sure what to look for and very keen on suggestions. Right now I'm looking at &, am I on the right track?

Thanks in Advance!
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