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Don't ask me how, but somehow I signed on to Bud's gun shop about a month ago and there it was....brand new, a SW 351pd. Exactly what I had been looking and waiting for.

I snagged it. Expensive Gun......I paid over $600 for it. Took it to the range on Tuesday and had a great time with it. It is rare and hard to find.

The CCI maxi mag is about as rare and hard to find too. But it worked best in it. Ruger also has a fairly new .22 revolver snub chambered in a magnum. Jeff Quinn did a review.

I love my new Smith and Wesson .22 magnum BUT, I must say......the trigger on the Ruger .22 lcr lr I have is smoother. just my opinion. But that extra round in the SW is nice too. Ruger's only has 6, the SW has 7.

If I decide to sell my new SW 351pd, I'll probably put it up here. Undecided. But I'll be honest, I'm very interested in that Ruger .22 magnum. And I only need one. hmmmmmmmm
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