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I've been off the boat with the fancy WiFi, so I haven't had a chance to reply.

I thank you for trying to help me And I really mean it, I am literally surrounded by Anti's and I've used your arguments.

My argument got off its original point and after looking at where it went and thinking about it, I frankly have to admit I was wrong. I still hold that firearms win out for ease and convenience for rampage murder.

As for mass murder, which we mostly argued about, yeah I was totally wrong. Me and the only American doctor on board talked about it, and between us we came up with a dozen ways an average person could commit mass murder without explosives, safer, than using a gun and easier and cheaper..

Which very much destroys my "guns are part of the problem" argument. I'll have to rethink it, so for now, I yield the field to you sir.
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