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Frankly Hal I don't know what you're speaking about. "8,9,10"
I said - 8, 9 and red on the top target - those numbers printed on the target and the red center bull.
And, 8, 9 and 8 on the bottom target - again the numbers printed on the target.

At 7 to 8 yards shooting two handed that's what I'd expect to hit on each of those targets & I'd be pretty upset with myself if I missed.

Of course you could just shot rocks and tin cans, etc. Which is fun and good practice. But it doesn't tell you as much as shooting 10 rounds at the same point of aim on paper tells you.
That all depends on the range. @ 25 to 30 feet, a can is far too large a target. @ that range, I prefer something more realistic - a spent 9mm Luger case is more like it or a spent .22lr case.
A can would be more appropriate for 200 yards. Maybe 300.

Anyhow - let's say for the sake of discussion we stuck a spent 9mm shell on a target and I shot at it 3 times. Each shot missed by a little - but - all three shots went into a "group" under an inch across.

By your standards - shots clustered together - what would 3 shots into a group under 1" across @ 7 yards, shooting a two hand hold be?
Good, fair, what?

By my standards, I'd call it three clean missed shots.

And your point is what? That unlike the rest of us you never miss?
Not at all - I miss - quite frequently as a matter of fact.
Unlike most though, I don't consider my missed shots anything special just because they are clustered together.

Take Bob's one shot target w/a .45 on the previous page for example.
One of my favorite targets used to be a plain 8x11 sheet of paper. I'd run that out to about 25 feet and put a single round of .45acp into it.
Then I'd take my bone stock Ruger .22/45 and see how many shots I could put through that hole w/out touching any paper.
My best at that was 40 something shots. 46 if I recall exactly.
That was shooting a two hand hold from a standing position.

So - yes - I miss. My miss in this case resulted in a "group" of about 3/4" instead of .45".
Impresssive? Not really. Not to me anyhow. Sort of ticked me off big time. I wanted 50 shots into a .45 hole so bad I could almost taste it.
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