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I do 200 yards with my handguns so I can't see why 300 wouldn't be a feasible goal.
I have heard it said one should never expect such accuracy from a handgun. I know "Hickok" on Youtube has hit his target with a Glock .23 40 caliber at 230 yards. Should that be considered as very unusual? Or do you think we should be shooting much more accurately than we do?
You will fined most guns are more accurate than the shooter. You will eventually learn the largest hindrance to long range shooting is being able to convince yourself you can do it. All the techniques are learned at 50', 25 yards and 50 yards by bullseye shooters and hand gun hunters.

My primary target at 200 yards is an old sand filled 5 gallon bucket or a suspended metal plate set up for the rifle shooters. But I also shoot at bowling pins, 1 gallon water filled milk jugs and clay pigeons.

My primary long range guns are my Dan Wesson .357 and my Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag. However I also use my S&W 41 mag with 4" barrel, S&W 22 pistol, Ruger single six 22 revolver, 45 ACP 1911A1 NM, Colt MKIV government, and Colt Gold Cup NM pistols. All of them will reach out there, all of them will hit the bucket consistently, the bowling pin maybe 10% of the time on an average day and the clay pigeon rarely but it has been hit. The last time was with my .357 and it impressed the heck out of the prison guard who had been shooting at it with his AR-15 trying to get zeroed in.

All of these guns are iron sights, I have no handguns with scopes on them. Only 3 of them are match quality guns.

There is no secret, no magic and no superhuman skill required. Just paying attention to basic fundamentals, concentration on the front sight and patience because it will be awhile before you start making hits consistently. I only lived 7 miles from the 200 yard rifle range and am retired so I could shoot everyday. Somebody who only shoots once a month may take a little longer to get in the groove but it can be done.
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