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Some Revolver questions.


I'm reaching revolvers right now, looking for different models to put on my "watch for list", be them new models, or older used models.

What I'm looking for is a .38 special or .357 magnum with 2"-3" barrel. I would prefer a steel framed gun rather then an alloy or alloy/polymer hybrid frame. I want something with a bit of weight to it. For size .. well, I'm up in the air about. I don't want it to small, but no giant either. I would want this gun for an "all-rounder".. in other words, Range, HD and carry (have a shotgun for HD already, but I feel a handgun would be a quicker response weapon).

Since I want to carry this as well.. I'm not sure what size frame I can really get away with (not so much as in weight, more of physical size). I would not pocket carry, but would use an IWB or OWB holster. To give you a ruff size, I'm about 5' 10-1/2", 180 lbs, waist is about 35". So.. I mean, I guess I wouldn't know until I could actually handle the firearm to see for myself, so I'm open to what ever size you could recommend.

I'm not opposed to spending money for a nice gun, within reason..I mean, I would say $1k would be absolute max I would consider for the right gun, but less is most definitely better, lol.

I've already added to my list so far to look out for:
Ruger SP101 (2.25" or 3")
Ruger GP100 (3")
S&W Model 60 (3")
S&W Model 686/686+ (3")

Now those seam to be very popular in my initial research. They are all .357 , but I'm not opposed to .38 sp. Those are also new models and I'm afraid I am not versed enough in this area to know of past models, or even newer/current models to look out for.

For instance. Today while banging around on the web looking for ideas, I came across this very nice looking .38 I found on GunsInternational.

Now something like that looks very nice and I have read Colts are highly thought of. Thing is, with used market , I don't know what is what and how good of a price something is (compounded by the current market). But that is a good representation of the type of .38 I would be looking for, style wise (steel frame with 2" min/shrouded barrel). Maybe looking at that .38 and the .357s I listed above will help you with some model suggestions.

Any help appreciated,

Oh, and btw.. I'm not ready to buy yet, so if that Colt looks like a good deal, have at it, lol. But still wondering if that was a good price or not

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