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It may seem that I am against OC, I'm certainly not, and I find myself doing it on occasion. What I'm against is the political statements, and how some go about doing it. Guns are a very polarizing topics. Going around with an AR slung across your back (or walking around with a camera with the sole purpose of getting LE interaction) to make a statement does three things:

1. Pro Gun rights people feel warm and fuzzy, and it strengthens their convictions on gun rights.
2. Pro Gun Control people feel that these types of actions confirm their beliefs (whether they are right or wrong) about "gun nuts" and it strengthens their convictions on gun control.
3. People who don't care, continue on not caring, except some of them question why someone needs to carry a deadly weapon out in public, and may start thinking that particular trend needs to stop. They're ok if it's hidden, you know, out of sight, out of mind, but God forbid people can see it!!

Doing stuff like this will rarely sway people to our side, though I'm sure there are some examples of it.

Having said that, there are a bunch of legitimate reasons to open carry. Most have been mentioned in this thread. 95% of the time, I'm CC. But if I'm headed to the range, even if I have stops going there or coming back, I'll usually be OC. I OC a lot in my house as it's more comfortable, and if I have to run to the store or something, I usually won't take the time to swap out holsters just for that. There's other reasons too. I just think using it as a political statement isn't a terribly great idea...I'll invoke the California open carriers again for this one...
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