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My comment was based on the fact that people state they have a great gun that runs flawless! And then you find out they've only put 200 rounds through it...

In my eyes, that's like saying, "My Ford Pinto runs great! I've driven 500 miles and it hasn't blown up!" 200-300 rounds seems to be this number that people use to show they have a great gun with no problems. Sure, I mentioned 3k rounds, but that's just as arbitrary as 300 rounds, in reality. The difference, if there's a problem with the gun, it'll likely come out in the 3k rounds. But 300 rounds is simply not enough to find problems.

And if you really want to find out the reliability of a particular gun or brand, it's pretty easy to find it online. Taurus has an earned reputation. If you're ok with that reputation, well, have fun, and hopefully you're able to save some money. For me, I'd rather spend $1500 on two, high quality guns made by companies with a good reputation, than 4 guns, at the same price made by Taurus. But that's just me. I've never been burned by Taurus, but that's because I haven't let them burn me, just the same as I haven't been burned, literally, by a Ford Pinto...because I haven't ever driven one, and for good reason. But, I have seen MANY people burned by them. I see their rating on the BBB. The LGS I go to the most stopped carrying them last year because they have (store owners words, not mine), "...ten times the problems of any other single manufacturer we sell."

There are plenty of other good manufacturers out there that sell guns that are comparable in price to Taurus, that have much more reliability. It would take a lot to convince me that a Taurus is a bargain.

And I thought Glock fanboys got defensive...
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