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Nuttin wrong with Lee scales 'cept the users. I've got 2 beam scales, a good digital scale and a Lee Safety Scale. All run within .01 gr. of each other. The "problem" with the Lee scale is the vernier poise. Some folks can't or won't learn to use it. I really like the locking function. Once the scalr is set and locked, it won't move if you put the pan back too hard or bump the scale/table.

Any major manufacturer of reloading equipment scales will prolly last a lifetime of accurate weighing. Pick the one you're partial to and can afford, and you'l be fine.

I have an old Ohaus/Lyman, an RCBS (? mod. similar to the 10-10) and a Jennings Mack 20 digital along with the Lee. All work great, all are accurate (Mack 20 is too accurate! .01 grain accuracy). and the beam scales will last as long as I'm gonna reload...
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