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Frankly Hal I don't know what you're speaking about. "8,9,10" I don't see what you're referring to. So I have no opinion on that.

If a person shoots more than a shot or two at the same target or aiming point, the result is a group. Might be a 3 shot group, but it's a group as rifle shooters will tell you.

But if you find it useful to shoot only one shot at one target then shoot one shot at another target then change up and shoot one shot at a third target and do that till you run out of things to shoot at, all so that you can say that you don't shoot more than one shot at the same target and thus don't shoot a group, well have a good time doing it.

Of course you could just shot rocks and tin cans, etc. Which is fun and good practice. But it doesn't tell you as much as shooting 10 rounds at the same point of aim on paper tells you.

I either hit what I intend to hit or miss it.
That's how it usually works.

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