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It seems that for years folk have struggled with the cold, clean bore shot--when the answer to the issue has been handy all along. Just because someone is a pedigreed "match winner" that does not mean they have the market cornered on knowledge.
In the same vein knowing your particular gun counts. My 300 Wby will do the first 3 shots like this 100 yard target and then shots 4, 5,and 6 will be high right. Shooting at 200 or 300 I wouldn't expect a 2nd or 3rd shot so the first one has to be right. At 200 yards with this scope setting I am typically shooting approximately the same size groups but in the center of the bull and at 300 yards I am 5" below the bull but only with the first 3 shots. Not a gun that would be good for prairie dogs. I always shoot clean cold bore because I know where my first 3 shots are going.

It generally shoots tighter than this, these three shots were taken as fast as I could shoot them.
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