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I would suggest a 4th die; a plain taper crimp (available from every modern die manufacturer). Install this die in the hole after the seating die and adjust it so that it is only removing the flare (you are not "crimping" in the usual sence, just straightening the flared mouth with a taper crimp die to enable reliable chambering). Seat the bullet in 3, straighten the mouth in 4. Some fellers seat and crimp at the same time, but for a new reloader that can lead to problems (case buldges, bullet shaving, loose bullets, etc.) At the end of the stroke the bullet is being pushed against the crimp, N.G. in my mind.

I have not used a Lee FCD since the one time I "post seating sized" some ammo about 8 years ago. If the dies are adjusted correctly there is no need to size a finished round. Think of all the 9mm and 45 ACP reloaded before Lee brought out their FCD (billions!). I'm not a Lee basher, just think a bandaid fix should not be recommended to new reloaders inplace of correct loading methods/die adjustment. I have two 9mm pistols and two 45 ACP pistols that have shot thousands of rounds each (jacketed, plated, and lead), without the ammo ever seeing a Lee FCD...
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