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Howdy from down where the Platte flows!

Oh, I understand what she was saying. She was pointing out that policies can have real effects -- like people leaving, or people not moving in -- and urging him to vote a particular way.

That's exactly -- and I mean exactly -- what constituents do, all the time. You hear it most often with the "Jobs will move out of state" crowd. Sometimes when when you hear the argument it is true, sometimes it's not true...but it sure isn't a weird or threatening or unusual position.

My point is he responded with nothing. No reasons why he supported the gun bill...other than that she must be a liberal and his great-great-grandparents lived in a sod hut on the lone prairie, or whatever.

(I don't even care about the substance of her position..but I will say that if that makes her a liberal, then a majority of our reps are liberal, as that gun bill failed.)

I find I have a lot of discussions with folks who disagree with me on everything from guns to the Denver Broncos. But I have never found it particularly winning to tell them they're wrong because they are "liberal" and born in a different hospital.

Anyhow...I've made my point. If Hunt wants to prove how many cliches and how little substance he can squeeze into an email, then he succeeded. At everything else he failed.

(And I know what you mean about plain talk. That's also welcome. But he didn't talk plainly. He didn't say anything at all.)

All that said....the wind is blowing like hell right now. I bet you're very surprised by that!
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