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Dear Rev. Fulbright,

Thanks you for concerning yourself with the legislature's workload, it has been very hectic of late trying to insure that the citizens of Wyoming are secure in their freedoms.

As for HB 105, I must disagree with you. There is absolutly zero evidence that suggests CCW license holders pose any threat at all to schools and children. Quite the opposite is true. Wyoming people in general have had a long history of gun ownership and safe gun handleing. By no means are the majority of Wyoming's citizens amateurs with reguards to guns.

As a headwater state and the State with the least population in the U.S., we are in a very unique situation regarding the fracking issue. As of today, no evidence has been presented that fracking has done anything but enhance the economy of Wyoming.

I am glad you and your husband chose this great state to relocate to in order to raise your family. It was a wise decision. On the other hand, if you chose to leave because you find Wyoming ways to be objectionable, I am sure your new Sate of residence will welcome you with open arms.


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