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I either hit what I intend to hit or miss it.
A tightly clustered group of shots wide of the intended point of aim seldom if ever impresses me.
That's good Hal. This thread may not be for you then.

It may just be for the fellas who try out new guns or new ammo and want to see how they shoot. It may just be for shooters who can't shoot nickel sized groups with a handgun at 50 yards but want to improve their skills anyway.

It may be for the bullseye shooters who regularly punch paper.

Or the reloader who tries out new bullets and loads on the range and is interested in how accurate they are and knows that the best test of that is paper. The holes in paper don't lie, or exaggerate or forget. They sit there for as long as you have the paper or a pic of it or notes on it.

It may be for the person who can't regularly shoot pinecones off the trees on the hill in back of their house cuz someone went and built a bunch of buildings on the hillside so they have'ta go to a shooting range.

It might be for the fella who wants to adjust their sights for a particular load till point of aim is point of impact.

It could be for the new shooter who is uncertain about their own shooting and wants to know what's reasonable.

It could also just be for fun.

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