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MedicineBow said:
I disagree.

That kid's (he's very young) response was immature, rude, and counter-productive. In no way does it reflect Wyoming values.

He got a polite letter from a constituent, who disagrees with him. He writes back like he's a 12-year-old on a playground.

I mean, "Wyoming! Love it or leave it!"? Please. Completely puerile. That's not the way it works here, or anywhere. Wyoming (and any state, and this entire country) is made up of people of divergent views, who bump up against each other, argue, take votes, try to convince one another, talk, etc., and finally settle on something. This isn't a place where people with different opinions have to shut up or leave. The place the boy is talking about is China. Not Wyoming.

He can barely be bothered to state his position, or the reasons for his position. He doesn't seem to have any...other than that he was born in Wyoming. So what? I was too. First, that's an accident, not a policy decision. Second, there are just as many idiots born here as anywhere else (I sure have my moments). Third, it means nothing. If he wishes to get personal (which is really the root of his mistake), I've seen more of this state, met more of its people, than he may in his whole life. So, let's see, does that mean he should defer to me on every decision? Somehow, I doubt he thinks that.

His approach is that of a ignorant bully, who wants to shout someone down. A polite letter is "pompous" and the writer must be a "liberal" who is really an "out of stater." Leaving aside how much it peeves me that he talks to a constituent -- a minister! -- this way, all he is doing is dreaming up cliched insults, which leads you to believe he can't really articulate why he takes the position he takes. From his snotty letter, I presume he doesn't have the horsepower to explain why he will vote the way he does, as it looks like merely one voice of mild dissent drives him nuts.

I could go on. But suffice it to say: I wouldn't vote for him for dog-catcher until he learns to lead, treat people with respect, and articulate his positions and not his prejudices.

(Needed to add this: the guy's wrong, to boot. The legislature -- a more conservative group you could not find -- didn't pass the gun law the woman asked him to vote against. Apparently, and shockingly, there was a little difference of opinion. Oddly, Mr. Hunt didn't stand up and tell them they all were liberals who ought to leave the state.)
Agree with you completely. Seems like he is just trying to score points at her expense but he doesn't explain anything. He's somewhat safe writing this letter since our state can't get much more 'red' than it already is. I would think he'd be better off politely trying to explain why he feels the way he does and try to sway her way of thinking to be in line with his. I really don't like the 'if you don't think like me, leave' tone of his letter.
I don't think her letter was very good either - an ultimatum of 'if you pass HB105, prepare for an exodus of educated childrearing age people'.
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