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Bullet and Charge Question??

Hello all again,

I am new to reloading and trying to get my ducks in a row before I start and really screw something up.

I went to a gun show and talked to a guy selling reloading stuff and what he sold me was a Lee Turrett, 9mm Brass, 115gr fmj bullets, CCI primers and Hodgdon HP-38 powder.

When I go to Hodgdon's website these are the 2 that I find for what I have.(Shown Below) I don't know what the difference between the LRN and the SPR GDHP is so I don't know which one to go by for my FMJ's??

The bottle of the HP-38 states maximum is 5.1 so I am leaning towards the SPR GDHP am I right??

Is this a good powder or should I go a different powder route on my next powder purchase?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

These below are the 2 they have listed for the powder and bullet size I have..

115 GR. LRN Hodgdon HP-38 .356" 1.100" 4.3 1079 28,400 CUP 4.8 1135 32,000 CUP

115 GR. SPR GDHP Hodgdon HP-38 .355" 1.125" 4.7 1075 25,300 CUP 5.1 1167 28,100 CUP

Thanks in advance!!!
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