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Why is it that gun companies cant at least keep up with magazine demands? A magazine is a relatively simple thing, they should be able to pump them out by the thousands each day.
Spend a few weeks or months going over how Toyota managed to soar above everyone else using their JIT management system & you'll have a good grasp on how things operate these days.

Everyone above has been alluding to certain aspects of it.

Then you have to get all of your suppliers to suddenly double or triple your normal demand, once again not knowing how long it will last, or if it could stop completely in the near future. Its one thing to invest whats needed if the volume is likely to continue in the foreseeable future, but quite another if its temporary. One component delayed in shipment can bring everything else to a standstil on the factory floor.
Bingo - that's the Achilles heel of JIT.
A spike in demand.
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