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It depends on the length of the hollow points. I show Speer Gold Dots at 0.528" in QuickLOAD. Alliant seats those to 1.2" COL. They give a load of Bullseye at 6.4 grains, which QuickLOAD says matches the pressure of the 5.0 grain load of Bullseye under a 230 grain FMJ. They give a load of 9.5 grains of Power pistol, which roughly matches that same pressure in QuickLOAD, but gets you a far bigger fireball and more recoil and adds about 60 fps to get you from 985 fps to 1045 fps in a 4.4" barrel (roughly 40 fps more in a 5" barrel). I've seen the claim made that you have to exceed about 1000 fps to shoot out tires with a pistol bullet, so whether or not that's important to you is your call.

If I substitute a Hornady XTP (0.577" long) with that same COL, it reduces the charges about 8% to keep pressure constant. So you can see the seating depth matters. If you can measure the length and also the distance from the base to the crimp cannelure at about 2/3 up the cannelure (where I usually seat these), I can give you a better estimate.

These loads are all for middling pressures and are not +P.
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