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You don't really believe everything that's on the web, do you?
Consider the source.
Lots of ignorance all around us.

Some friends and I were at the range one day and another fellow was about to throw his Blackhawk .357 in the trash.
He literally couldn't hit anything he was aiming for.
Not even close - at 10 yards.
Convinced it was the gun, it looked like he was about to throw it over the berm.
So, we all in turn volunteered to burn up some of his ammo to see how bad it was.
It wasn't.
It weren't the gun.
So we showed him how to shoot it, and by the end of day he had a whole new respect for his Ruger.
Before he left he was hitting gallon jugs of water at 100 yards.
Walt Kelly, alias Pogo, sez:
“Don't take life so serious, son, it ain't nohow permanent.”
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