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Share in my good humour!!

This thread serves no purpose and so requires little response and yet I have to post it as I am in a fine mood!!

Today, whilst nosing in a gunshop I sometimes get supplies from I saw... wait for it.. a used Astra 680 for sale!!!

"A what..?" I hear you mutter. Well, some may know that I already have that same little 6-shot snub and that I gave its barrel a "fuller figure" after an unfortunate squib incident.

I've been looking at all sorts and was getting despondent, finding only over-priced Taurae and a 5-shot smith at the other end of the country!! Not as cheap as the first one I bought, but still cheaper than all the other revolvers I've seen, by quite a margin.

This means I could replace the stricken Astra with a twin, choose the best-kept parts from each to put into my carry gun and assemble the rest around my bulge-barrelled frame to test loads (its accuracy is still OK).

Happy days....

They promised to put it aside for a week, so when I get my buying permit next Thursday I can gallop over and buy it that same day.
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