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Advantages of 20" AR Barrel???

I have an older AR/M16 barrel laying around so I decided to use it in my AR build. However, I have some technical questions about this barrel. It's a 20" Colt "Government Profile", chrome bore 1/7 twist. I bought it new at a gun show in the early '90's - and although I mounted it on an A2 Upper, it's never been used.

Question 1: I see most people using carbine length barrels these days for AR builds - hardly ever see any 20" barrels. Why is this? Is there any real advantage gained by using a 20" barrel. I figured I could gain a little more range with the longer barrel.

Question 2: Are these older government profile barrels harder to find; or is there anything that makes them obsolete? I've already decided that I'm going to free-float the barrel and replace the old-style front sight tower with a low-profile gas block.

Question 3: I want to use a collapsible stock system, but am concerned that the rifle will feel muzzle heavy. What can I do to get a more balanced feel, but still have a stock that is adjustable?
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