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How tight a group can you shoot
Only "group" I recall shooting off hand was a good ten years plus ago.
It was a tad over 4 inches fired standing w/a two hand hold at 50 yards using my (at the time) brand new CZ75b.
That was a ten shot string.
I was curious how a "combat" pistol like the 75b would work at that range.

I fired a couple of other "groups" using my S&W M 22/s from a rest using a 4x scope.
50 shots into a dime sized hole @ 25 yards fired indoors from a seated position.
40 shots into a nickle sized group @ 50 yards fired outdoors from a seated position.

Other than those few times, I don't "do groups".
Groups have little to no meaning to me.

I either hit what I intend to hit or miss it.
A tightly clustered group of shots wide of the intended point of aim seldom if ever impresses me.
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