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noelf2 you go ahead and hide behind the idea that a lawyer convinced you was a smart way to deal with cops. You can hope it protects you in court.

I'll stick by what I know has always worked for me in my life when dealing with them. My way has never got me arrested to begin with.

As for empty internet threats, I'll give that comment all the attention it deserves.
One can both be polite, answer smaller questions, and still protect one's constitutional rights. Its not that hard. Be polite, courteous etc. If it gets more serious, remain polite and courteous, but politely assert your rights. It won't stop an arrest, but it will preserve your rights under a bad search/arrest.

Immediately freaking out is not going to be helpful. Pragmatically ticking off the cop is going to make things go bad. legally, dpeending on your behavior it may start the fun chain of reasonable suspicion and again everything can go down hill.
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