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Reloading isn't an option available to all...

If this is the case for you, search locally and online for cheaper ammo. Buy a couple of boxes of each until you find a couple that work well in your rifle--then buy what you can as you can while trying to buy from the same lot of ammo. Contrary to what nearly everyone here seems to believe your part of each shot still matters quite a lot (vs. the ammo).

The rifle's a good one; don't switch rifles just due to ammo pricing, which is bound to change in a year's time (who knows what will be cheap and what will be pricey then?).

I know more than a few folks who are surprised at the cost of (insert milsurp ammo caliber here) because "they just knew it'd always be dirt cheap." We don't "know" what milk will cost tomorrow; we can take educated/experience-based guesses, but we don't "know".

Ditto for reloading components folks.
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