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"....with an awesome trigger, smoother than silk."
Uh...huh...well, when you can have a gunsmith tune your Redhawk trigger to 6.5 lbs double action and 2.5 lbs single action and have the gun run 100% - get back to me. The Ruger triggers aren't bad, they're nearly equal to the Smith when both are from the factory, but you cannot tune the Ruger like you can with a Smith.

My 629 tried to be a true 44, but never quite reached the calibers full potential.
That's the problem with the Smith Model 29's - they don't hold up well to heavy loads. I have a Smith M57 .41 magnum that is a wonderful revolver, but I don't shoot heavy .41 loads based upon my past experience with the Model 29.

I also have a Smith .44 Special (Model 624 / Lew Horton), and that's about the load level that is comfortable for an "N" frame.

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