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My daughter bought a used (like new) Savage 111 "flat top" for $250.00 in 25-06, I pillar bedded the synthetic stock and camo painted it, put a Luepold one-piece base and extention ring set on it, and mounted a Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20x50 on it.
Took it to range last sunday, and with two factory 117 grain Hornady shells I sighted it in at fifty, then took a target out to 100 yds and shot some test loads, the very first test loads were 5 rnds of 85 grain Ballistic tips with 4831 powder, you can cover the group with a nickle, ( if I could figure out how to get my pics to load, I'd post em) Id say it'll do nicely for coyotes.!
Thanks for coming!
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