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Welcome to Wyoming...this is how WE roll!!!

Hans Hunt is my local state represenative down in Cheyenne. God bless this man and I am damn proud to have voted for him last November. When someone moves here, it's probably because it's a good place to live and the way we have lived here has made it what it is. Now when some left wing liberal starts moving in here, that's bad enough, but when they go around spouting off that we need to change our laws to become more like the places they left, that's when we have our non-PC way of telling them to go pound sand!!! As long as I live here and as long as Mr. Hunt is running for office, I can assure you he has my vote!!!!

Cheyenne resident Audette Fulbright and her family moved here last August from Roanoke, Virginia so that she could take over a preaching position at a local church.

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